Re-opening in June! - March 4, 2014
Happy 2013 at The Knotthole

We are re-opening in June for select weekends and special events.

Happy 2013! - January 12, 2013
Happy 2013 at The Knotthole

We aren't even going to talk about New Year resolutions - last year I resolved to write more blog updates and you can see how well that went...

But we wanted to let you know that we are still here and open for business again after taking a couple months off. Our winter 2012 ended with a record 21 feet of snow and I must confess, we started wondering what on earth we were doing living here! Once the snow finally melted (in May), we were very busy throughout the summer with many great guests and a beautiful wedding. The weather was wonderful - the first time our tomatoes have actually ripened - and we were reminded again why we bought this mountain.

Winter was very late in arriving this year, but we've had about 8 feet of snow in the past 5 weeks! Who said El Nino? Even though the sun is supposed to be out for the next 10 days, the frigid temps will most likely keep a good amount of it around, so if you are hankering to play in the snow, come on up.

Hope to see you up here sometime. Happy New Year!

New Year's Resolution 2012 - January 3, 2012
Winter Wonderland at The Knotthole

Resolution - update The Knotthole news page more often.  Sorry it's been so long!

It was late in arriving, but once it did, we had a beautiful summer and fall.  The nice weather allowed us many hours outside where we constructed a "walking garden", which contains our fourth water feature along with a rustic foot bridge (I have always wanted a little bridge and on our anniversary, Howard surprised me by making one). While we were gone for a week in October, the elk really enjoyed our new garden - I'm not sure if they crossed the bridge or not, but they certainly visited every other spot in the area.

November brought a couple of big storms with 3 feet of snow ( a record) and we started getting a little nervous about what the winter had in store for us.  But it quickly stopped and until Dec.28th, we had no new snow at all in December (another record).  For the past week it's been snowing off and on, however, and it looks like winter is getting back to normal. Howard is once again plowing and shoveling and making sure the road up to our front door is clear so that you can visit our winter wonderland. 

It's been a very busy year and we've enjoyed the company of many new people as well as old friends.  Thanks to all of you who have visited. We look forward to seeing more of you and wish you all a happy, healthy 2012.

Another New Year's Resolution is to post new pictures on The Knotthole website, so stay tuned...

Summer Events are coming... - April 26, 2011
The Wine Cellar at The Knotthole

It's been awhile since I posted because, frankly, when it snows everyday there isn't a lot to say!  And although it's snowing as I write this, quite a few optimists have already booked rooms this summer, so I've got to believe there will come a day when The Knotthole wardrobe doesn't include fleece vests and wool socks.  We all need something to look forward to so how about joining us for some of these fun in the sun events in our area in the upcoming months:

On Friday June 24th, Suncadia resort will kick off the summer with their free outdoor summer concert series - "Friday Nights in the Village".  That will be followed up by the Roslyn Art Walk on Saturday night and the Roslyn Sunday Market on Sunday (all three events occur throughout the summer).

July 2-4, enjoy Pioneer Days and the 4th of July celebration in Roslyn and Cle Elum.  We may not have Ivar Haglund sponsoring it, but we do have fireworks on the east side of the mountains and alot of  things happening that weekend.

The "Rails to Ales Brewfest" with live music on Saturday July 9th.  We'll provide transportation so you can enjoy the 40+ beers and ciders.

In August there's the annual "Cruise Cle Elum Car & Motorcycle Show" (on the 20th) and the "Crazy for Quilts Show" (26-28th).

Or, consider wrapping up the summer at the Kittitas County Fair and Ellensburg Rodeo, held from Sept.2-5.

Of course, you don't have to go anywhere else to enjoy yourself.  From The Knotthole, you can hike, bike, fish or swim without even getting in your car.  We can't guarantee the weather, but we can guarantee you a good stay!

P.S. We are thinking of holding a multi-course wine tasting dinner.  If you are interested in fine wine and food, please drop us a note and we'll communicate with you via email as we work out the specifics.

Happy Snowy New Year!... - December 30, 2010
The Deck at The Knotthole

Thank you to everyone who shared our website with others!  We have had a very enthusiastic response to The Knotthole and it appears we will have a busy 2011.

We've had about 18 inches of new snow in the last 4 days - that means alot of plowing and shoveling for us, but alot of nice powder for our guests to play in.  The storm yesterday brought our total snowfall up to 102 inches so far this winter.  For those of you interested in statistics, that is almost double what we had last year at this time.  It is also 24 inches more than 2008 and 14 inches more than 2007 (at this time) - two of our worst winters ever.  The next few months will tell, but we are thinking the forecasters just might be correct about this La Nina year bringing record snow!  But don't let this scare you away - we don't usually have more than 5 feet on the ground at any one time and we always keep the roads plowed.  And for our fair weather friends, it should all be melted away by the end of April.

Howard and I want to wish everyone a very happy, healthy New Year.  We look forward to seeing old friends in the new year, as well as meeting many new ones.